Kon'nichi wa, and welcome to sandokiri.com!

It should be noted that this be one a' those "personal websites" ya mighta heard of, just that it happens to have its own dot-com.  However, I'm sure yer actually here for a purpose other than to read this introductory drivel, eh?  ^.^

Perhaps it would be one of these services, none of them unique, but some of them actually useful.

  1. about sandokiri:  This page details more information, both mundane and unusual, about sandokiri.com and the mysterious figure behind the keyboard.
  2. the gallery:  Mediocre artwork produced by meeee, and perhaps, much better artwork produced by others.
  3. the library:  I might also host fanfictions ^.^  The capacity to read is a good thing.
  4. the chain gang:  General links.  Specific links are also found in their respective sections.
  5. affiliates:  Information detailin' the banner collection I may end up acquiring.
  6. submission:  I don't have incredible meggage, but if you come here, read what's herein, and ask me reeeeeal nice, I just might host stuff for ya.  ^.^

contact:  dark_kiri@sandokiri.com