Ya, I'm a lazy yarou. Most of this is "under construction" an' will remain so for a while. The link page, on the other hand, is current, if never complete.

Kiri's links:

  • Tasogare:  is my personal rant space. Enter only if ya dare.
  • That's all. What, ya think I really maintain infinite websites? :P

Zarla's links:

  • Zarla's Den:  would be the main page from which many of Zarla's much more infinite than mine sites may be found.
  • Shattered:  is a shrine devoted to the shounen-ai pairin' of Cid Highwind an' Vincent Valentine, characters from Final Fantasy VII. GO THERE, I COMMAND THEE!!! :P
  • My Sweet Passion: BBS:  is a artwork bulletin board on a Japanese server. WARNING- Need Japanese text support to read most of the site.
  • Neglected Pokémon Lovers Unite!   is a series of shrines to lesser-known, often-ignored Pokémon. This site also includes mp3's of various Pokémon songs.

Soshi's links:

  • Warriors Ten:  is Soshi's main page. 'Tis mostly devoted to her excellent science-fiction work, a' course named Warriors Ten. GO THERE!!!
  • W-10 Chibis:  is a rather humourous take on the W-10 gang.
  • Hedgehog and Loon BBS:  is Soshi's BBS. See also My Sweet Passion BBS above.

This link belongs to both of them, really.

FoFFoS:  is THE ultimate "ANTI-SHRINE" to the female charas of Final Fantasy games. Tifa, Aeris, Yufi, Rinoa, they deserve no quarter, and they get none.

Other links, more random than ya'd like.

  • WINAMP:  Pro'ly the best mp3 player you could get.
  • Jpop MP3 searcher:  If yer lookin' for Japanese pop/rock music, this'd be a decent start point, yo. :P
  • 8-bit theater:  A rather funny comic based on Final Fantasy.
  • FFRPG at Returner HQ:  The homepage of an interestin'-lookin' RPG based on the Final Fantasy series. A bit too mathematical for the average user, but others might find it useful.
  • Arcnet Translations:  Very useful free translation service, in case ya get lost tryin' to visit Asian sites without knowin' the languages. It's not perfect, but often good enough.
  • VGMusic:  Amazingly versatile collection of MIDI files from video games. Simply amazing. Submissions there are actually welcome, if ya know anything about sequencin' MIDI files.