I suppose ya came 'ere to see all kinds a' personal stuff about me. Well, I guess...

Name's Kiri Sittori, also known by a variety of other names. I was born in 1977 in what was nishina doitsu. Oh, ya don' speak Japanese? I don' either, just know some words. West Germany. From there, I've travelled unbounded time an' space... well, not quite. Jus' locations as diverse as Idaho an' England.

Interests include music, often what is NOT sung in English; writin', artwork (I be merely adequate, hardly what could be described as "good"), role-playin', video games, an' chess. Ya, chess. Pawn to queen four, let's rock.

Now, as to why sandokiri.com. Well, it's because I've had problems downloadin' empifrees, many of which ain't available. Kiri-san be sympathetic, no? That, an' I really need somewhere to dump me creative impulses. ^.^ I do have somewhere, actually, but would rather have here. Ya know? No stupid templates. Hate templates ::writes a template:: heh. :P

Relevant link:

Tasogare would happen to be an online journal. Written by meeeeee. Chaotic stuff, if ya wanna know about me.