Actually, it's simpler than it sounds. All ya gotta do is email me at dark_kiri@sandokiri.com with one a' the followin' subject lines:

  • PICCU! is the subject line if you have "Artwork" to submit; this shall be displayed in the Gallery, naturally.
  • FICNESS! is, a' course, the subject line if you've got fictions. Those go in the Library.
  • LINK ME! if you have a page you'd like Kiri-san to link to. Perhaps I will.

Now, a few house rules that must be abidden by in order for me to put yer materials up:

  • NO YAOI. Yes, this includes slash, yuri, or anything else that relates to porn. Sandokiri.com is not, and never will be, a porn site. Shounen-ai/shoujo-ai (male and female homosexual relationships) will be allowed, however, as these classifications generally do not include sexual acts. Nudity is a different case, and will be handled on a case basis.
  • NO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE. Basically, nothin' more violent than, say, Mortal Kombat. THE FIRST ONE, not later ones, and no spine removals. Heck, I've seen some very tastefully rendered decapitations, an' methinks that the violence can be tasteful in presentation.

Now for specific cases. In all cases, you should file attach in email. That's the only way I'll take them. Also, you should describe whatever is sent in the mail's body, along with author information (name and email.)

Writings: These should be written as HTML or PLAIN TEXT (Notepad) files. This is for MY convenience; I'll be glad to format TEXT files into HTML. If you write your own HTML, I ask that you do so using only basic formatting with this snippet of HTML at the bottom:

<a href=http://sandokiri.com/library.html>Back</a>

If you use text, you have the option of creatin' yer own title bar, as well; this should be 540 wide, 215 tall, and in GIF or PNG format. In addition, you can specify a background colour, red, green-blue, dark blue, or purple.

Artwork: This MUST be in JPEG (JPG) or GIF, or now, PNG format. If they are not, I will be an obnoxious yarou and convert them for ya, or else ignore them. You might not like the result, but TOUGH.

Links: I will click the link first. If I approve, then you'll be linked. If not, well, I don' gotta say it.

One more general note. IT TAKES TIME, SO BE PATIENT. I respond to emails VERY FAST but actually changin' this behemoth in order to update it takes TIME.

Recently added: As of the latest update... 1. Aug 2003... I now take PNG formats... now that browsers actually support them! ^.^