This would be where the art-type stuff's kept. Here, just a sampler for now :P

  • A few dolls: Just a random selection of dolls... well, not so random. They're charas in one of my Pokémon fanfictions. :P
  • Kassi and Blitzen, as morphs: If you looked at the previous pic, these are the same Pokémon as the dolls above, except in a quasi-humanoid form called a "morph." And yes, predictably, Blitzen is the Raichu, Kassi the Sandslash.
  • Junon and Nitro, as morphs: See also above. Nitro's the Flareon, Junon the Vaporeon. :P
  • Kairyuu Girl!: More morphiness, this time a random female Dragonite.
  • Espeon: Yet another morph. Somewhat inspired by the Pokémon manga by Ono Toshihiro, and his rendition of the psychic master Sabrina.

      As always, still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.