They decided to check out the links. Moving onto shrines, they noticed that there were a great deal of them.

"There's one to me!" Dowasure pointed to one. "Can we look at that one?"

"Maybe YOU should look at that one, sir." Teishi stood, pushing his chair towards Dowasure. "After all, it is your shrine."


Dowasure sat down slowly. "Well, I guess. If you really want me too."

"Go ahead."

While Dowasure began clicking about the site, the other two sat down on the couch, waiting for their own turn at looking at their respective shrines. "Hey, there's fanfics of me."

"Fanfics?" Cyrus laughed scornfully. "Who would want t'write stories about YOU?"

"Strange thing is..." Dowasure squinted at the screen. "It mentions you as well. Apparently you're in it too."

"I am?" Cyrus blinked. He then shrugged carelessly. "Eh, so what."

"Hmm..." Dowasure traced his finger across the screen, as if following some letters. "There are some japanese letters here...I can't read them...I wonder what they say."

"How many are there, sir?" Teishi was sitting quietly by himself, showing no reaction to most of what was going on.

"Um...three. I think."

"Eh, screw th' letters. They prolly ain't important anyway." Cyrus was getting interested despite himself. "Go ahead, read it."

"I can't read with people watching me." Dowasure looked off to one side awkwardly. Before Cyrus could respond, Teishi spoke.

"It IS his shrine, sir. Let him read it himself."

Cyrus, with much swearing under his breath, did eventually leave Dowasure to himself.

The only sound for some time was the sound of the mouse clicking as Dowasure scrolled down the document. The others had become so accustomed to it that they got instantly suspicious when it stopped.

"What's wrong, sir?" Teishi noticed it first. Dowasure had apparently become frozen where he sat, staring at the screen blankly. "Sir?"

"Y'okay?" Cyrus looked at him.

"Ack!" Dowasure fell out of the chair.

Instantly his two compatriots were near him, helping him up. "What? What happened?"

Dowasure had become very pale and was blushing furiously. "S...story...r-read the...the story..."

Before Teishi could reach the computer, Cyrus sat down in the chair and studied the words on the screen. As his strange eyes flicked across the words, his expression varied wildly, eventually ending in disbelief and fury.

"I always knew it was me you wanted." Dowasure looked at Cyrus, smiling seductively. Cyrus moved towards him, staring him directly in the eyes. Brown met with blue and purple, creating an current between the two that could have been compared to electricity. It was the overwhelming power of the love that the two had just realized.

"Lemme jus' show y'how much I want you..."

Within moments, Dowasure's clothes had been removed almost forcibly, cast to one side, while Cyrus-

Cyrus couldn't force himself to read past that point, but he could guess by the large amounts of long, one letter exclamations that followed thereafter of what it contained.

Zarla and Soshi emerged from the room, smiling at the three near the computer.

"Oh, so you were wandering about? What did you find?"

Cyrus pointed mutely at the screen. Zarla was over first, staring at the words for a total of two seconds before snapping her fingers.

"Ah, the infamous fic 'Within Your Arms, I Find The Night'. One of the more graphic yaoi fics I've seen on you guys."

Soshi could read the emotions on Cyrus' face better then Zarla could. "Want us to kill them?"

Zarla stared at Soshi in disbelief while Cyrus clenched a fist. "As slowly an' painfully as possible."

"Soshi..." Zarla turned towards her compatriot, who then smiled enigmatically and shrugged. She looked at Dowasure. "Oh! What happened to him?"

"Think he read a bit too far in this 'story'." Cyrus' tone was indecipherable. "Whoever wrote this's goin' t'get their @%@ kicked..."

"Dowasure?" Zarla kneeled and shook him gently, but it seemed that Dowasure was in a state of shock much like he had been at the previous concert. "Oh, he's not used to this kind of thing! Why'd you let him read that?"

"I didn't know it'd be some perverted love-fest between me an' him!" Cyrus exclaimed indignantly. "Didn't have any #^#@in' warnin' at all!"

Soshi clicked a few times, then pointed at the three letters with her cursor. "See these?"


"Those are Japanese letters. Know what they stand for?"

"No. What's yer ^#%@in' point?"


Cyrus paused for a moment. "So?"

"That means explicit guy-guy stuff. Now, Shounen-ai..." Soshi typed a little and another set of letters appeared. "Is not as explicit, more of a sweet romance type of thing. From now on, if Dowasure's going to read any of these kind of fics, only let him read these."

"I ain't readin' any #$&#in' more of THOSE stories!" Cyrus seemed furious. Soshi tried to placate him.

"Look, there are some really good ones about you, I should know, I read them all. Try reading some of those."

Teishi was studying the story himself, showing no emotion on his face. "Why would someone write a story like this anyway, miss?"

Soshi shrugged. "I don't know. People like to pair up other people who normally would never even associate with eachother. Is Dowasure okay now?"

Dowasure was gradually coming out of shock. Zarla shrugged. "It must have been surprising for him. If you guys ever go looking around again, make sure he doesn't see stuff like that. Watch out for the pictures too."

"People draw PICTURES!?" Cyrus was now furious. He stalked away from the computer. "I ain't ever touchin' that thin' again!"


The writer of the fanfic mysteriously disappeared. No clues were found, no leads, no motives. Certainly none attached to the fanfics that no one in her family knew the writer wrote. It was a fairly famous case, one that actually was shown on numerous "Unsolved Mysteries" kind of shows.

However, Teishi, Cyrus, Zarla, and Soshi knew what happened.

"Good." Cyrus hadn't been able to get over the fanfic he had inadvertantly read and still harbored resentment. Teishi remained impassive, while Zarla and Soshi shook hands.

"Well, it took me a while, but she got me to do it." Zarla smiled. "Don't worry, we put her somewhere where no one will ever find her."

"And I put up a warning." Soshi pointed towards the computer. As of late, Cyrus had totally forsaken the machine, although Teishi spent long hours on it and Dowasure occasionally browsed through under supervision. "So this probably won't happen again."

"Good." Cyrus crossed his arms again.


It was very sudden.

As with all fads, there are those that want to jump on the bandwagon before it catches fire and burns to the ground. Usually, however, there are warnings. This time, there were none.

The only thing that even hinted at the new band's existence was a short commercial on TV, which lasted for only a few seconds, showing their name and a date.

Crystal Poison.

Seven days.

The thought that it was a band was obvious because the short commercial only played on the music channel. Rumors spread like wildfire everywhere, and eventually the members of Hikaru no Ashita were asked to comment. Standing backstage, the three stared at the crowd of flashing lights, microphones, and shouted questions in front of them. For obvious reasons, Zarla and Soshi were left behind.

"So..." Cyrus looked at his two companions. "Any of you got ANY #^#%in' idea what th' #^@$ Crystal whatever IS?"

Dowasure shook his head slowly while Teishi spoke with thought.

"It sounds vaguely familiar for some reason...I don't know why...But I don't know anything about it, sir."

"Well, they can't beat us." Cyrus finally decided to appear, walking out to the podiums with confidence. "We're th' #^#%in' original Hikaru no Ashita." Shrugging, the two followed him, hoping that his confidence would spread.

None of them noticed that it was exactly seven days since the first commercial had aired.

"Cyrus! Cyrus!" A reporter shouted loudly. The others, sensing it was finally time for civility, silenced so she could speak clearly. "Tell us, do you know what Crystal Poison is?"

Cyrus was about to answer with an obscenity, but managed to control himself. "No, got no idea."

In the fight for attention that followed, another reporter managed to get the coveted spotlight. "Are you behind this Crystal Poison thing?"

Teishi answered before Cyrus could, which was a good thing. "No, sir, we have no connection whatsoever to them. We learned of them at the same time as you, we have no further information."

Dowasure felt as if he wasn't contributing, so he tried to join in. "Right, we know as much as you."

More fighting among the reporters. The next question to come was one that caught the three's attention. "Do you think they will usurp your position as number one band?"

Cyrus spoke before the others. "Not likely. We don't pay attention t'little imitations like-"

The door to the auditorium were in burst open. Seeing who was framed in the light, Cyrus fell back in surprise.


"I present to you..." The reddish-brown haired woman walked forward. She was wearing ragged, punkish clothing, from the bandana tying back her wild, strangely styled hair, to the tanktop with what seemed like Japanese letters scrawled across it, to the ripped shorts, to the massive combat boots, to the spiked bracelet and collar. She had an easy, confident gait and an almost conceited smirk on her face. "The soon-to-be number one band...Crystal Poison."

"YOU-!" Cyrus tried to rush forward to attack the woman, but he was held back by his fellow band-members. They covered his mouth and tried to listen to what the woman had to say. The reporters were flashing pictures everywhere.

"I am Kagakusha Namida Hana, the electric guitarist. She-who-plays-lightning, as we say among my band-mates." The woman placed a hand on her chest. She then stepped to one side, revealing those behind her. "And these are my compatriots."

The silver-haired, violet-eyed girl, although she looked somewhat tall for her age, was next to move forward. She was a blaze of color. Wrapped around her arms was some kind of grey fur which faded somehow into the back of the halter-top she was wearing, one side blue, the other side green. She wore yellow patterned leggings, over which was a purple skirt, over which had been tied a light blue sash. She also wore large boots. Her voice was soft, yet pleasant, to some extent having the same kind of attractive quality that Dowasure's had, although it was not because it was so innocent. It was because of some kind of mystery, some kind of antiquity and youth mixed into one.

"I am Ashstar, Silver-hair-and-silver-voice, as we say. I am the lead singer."

The reporters had been long stunned into silence due to this strange display, only snapping pictures at every opportunity.

Next to appear was a girl that appeared more her age. She was shorter then both Ashstar and Kagakusha, but she also had a definite style. She had red hair, more red then Kagakusha's, and next to her ears hung two braids fashioned from it. Her shirt was black, tattered, and torn around the edges, ending at her ribcage. She wore a series of long multi-colored scarves around her waist, which served as a skirt, and instead of the large boots the former two had been wearing, she wore socks. Socks that had the heel darkened. On her hands were two gloves, one red, one purple, both glittering in the light from the constantly flashing cameras. Her voice was also pleasant to hear.

"Atelli, keyboardist. Also known as Music's-judge-of-doom, because I don't stand for unpleasant sound." She laughed.

All this was written down quickly and efficiently by the reporters.

The next member was slightly unobtrusive, her clothes muted in comparison to the others. Her hair was a strange dark-color, some kind of mix between purple and blue. However, there were two strands near her face that had been highlighted until they were almost white. She wore a dark shirt that listed over one shoulder and equally dark pants. Lights flashed off the series of medallions she wore around her neck.

"My name is Indigo and I am the drummer. Darkness-with-rhythm."

The final two members caused some of those present to scream and others to gasp in surprise and wonder.

Winging their way into the auditorium, the two creatures paused above where their band-mates had been collected. Sprouting from the two female's backs were massive, black and grey splotched wings, webbed like a bats. Their feet bent backward at the ankle like an animal, and changed from the pale, almost death-like pallor of their normal skin to a strange combination of feathers and scales, ending with three digits equipped with viciously hooked talons. The two for almost all purposes looked identical, except for some key differences. First, their hair was wildly different. One had short green hair, while the other had long blue hair, within both of which seemed to protrude delicate horns. Their eyes differed as well, the green-haired one's being yellow, while the blue-haired being red. Their clothes were similiar in all aspects, even in color. However, the green-haired one's ripped and tattered top was blue, while the blue-haired one's was tan. For their bottom scrap of clothing, the colors switched. Around their ankles and wrists hung many colored bracelets that clicked as they moved. Their wings beat at the same rhythm, giving an eerie sense of duplicity. The one who spoke, the blue-haired one, had a voice that lacked almost all emotion.

"I am Michelle. This is Gabriella. We are bassists. 'Darkness-that-thunders'."

At the sight of the two creatures, the reporters had been temporarily unable to comprehend what they were seeing, so much so that they hadn't even been able to take any pictures. Now that the creature had spoken, they began to take pictures again in earnest.

"Together we are Crystal Poison." Ashstar had now taken the role of spokesperson. Kagakusha was glaring daggers at Cyrus across the room, who had been mumbling under his breath while being detained. The two had not taken their eyes off eachother and the hatred that could be seen in their stares was carefully noted by the reporters who had managed to look at anything other then the two winged creatures who continued to hover among the group. "We're the best band ever."

Teishi somehow gained the confidence to speak, even though some of the people in the rival band frightened him badly. "I'm afraid your mistaken, miss. No band has or ever will surpass our popularity."

Slowly the opposite band moved out, Kagakusha turning and speaking one last time.

"Don't's not your market that we'll be targeting."


Cyrus angrily threw the paper on the couch, swearing the entire time.

"Figures they'd take m'quote out've context! Imitations like Jesus Christ...I didn't mean that...stupid #^#%in' press, do anythin' t'make us look bad..."

"They're just jealous of how much power you guys have." Zarla stared at the TV screen intently. "Now's starting."

Those associated and in the band Hikaru no Ashita were all fixated on the TV in front of them, were the first live performance by Crystal Poison, where their music would be heard for the first time, was soon to come on.

Meanwhile, the preshow was taking forever and those watching had become somewhat impatient. Finally it had begun ticking down the minutes before they started. Those at the studio decided these minutes would best be spent interviewing the manager of the group.

"We've arranged to have a talk with the manager of the infamous, mysterious, and almost creepy band Crystal Poison. Ms. Toriatsukai..."

Mr. Kantoku choked rather loudly as the woman came on screen. Concerned, Soshi thumped him on the back until he could speak again. "What happened? What's wrong?"

"Call me Tori, thanks." The woman smiled. She wore small spectacles, a business suit, and, in an effort to connect herself with the band she had created, a necklace with a jagged set of spikes hanging from it. She had eyes like ice and hair like night. "Feel free to ask me anything you choose."

"Okay, Ms. Tori...can I call you that?"

"I would prefer it, yes." She laughed.

Mr. Kantoku had finally gained his composure. When he spoke, his voice was filled with disbelief. "Ami..."

"What? Who is she? Do you know her?"

"Know her..." Mr. Kantoku smiled grimly. "She's my ex-wife. Figures she'd do something like this just to show me up."

"What prompted you to make this band, Ms. Tori?"

"Well, I feel that there is a market out there that is being neglected with all the boy-band hype that's been going around lately..."

Mr. Kantoku muttered under his breath, accompanied by Cyrus. In fact, many of the same words were used.

"I feel that there are those out there that are calling out for a band for them, a band not only for girls." Ms. Toriatsukai stared directly at the screen, smiling sadistically as if she knew that Mr. Kantoku had to be watching. "I've created something for them."

"Some people claim that this is your attempt to cash in on the pretty-band craze that's going on. Is this true?" The reporter asked. Ms. Tori smiled at her.

"Well, as you can see, my band doesn't base their popularity on their looks."

It was obvious to everyone present that she knew they would have to be watching and had spoken that line just for them.

"#^#%in' #^#$@!"

"Oh, it looks like they're starting." The reporter glanced at the stage behind her. She turned back to Ms. Tori. "Thank you so much, Ms. Tori. Now, for the first time ever, the musical stylings of...Crystal Poison!"

The reporter faded away as the camera panned to the stage. While she had been speaking, fog had been blowing in across the stage, cloaking it in shadows. Those who had been fortunate enough to be there in person stared in anticipation.

There was the sound of wings rushing through darkness, and with a rush of smoke Michelle and Gabriella emerged from the darkness. The moment they did, identical spotlights shone upon the two.

Now, added to their scant clothing were bass guitars, which, instead of the soft curves that most guitars had, it had sharp edges. Where the strings were tightened, lengths of uncut string had been left. The two raised their hands at the same time, each tipped with claws, and struck a single, identical note on each bass.

Then Kagakusha became visible, holding an electric guitar that was plastered with so many stickers that none were legible. Two spotlights shone from different sections of the stage upon her. She struck the single note on her guitar, matching the bass.

A electronic note sounded with the guitars, and the smoke blew away almost by magic to reveal Atelli, lit by purple light, seated at a keyboard, holding her hands ready, one finger already pressed down. Then, like a spear of light, a white spotlight cut through the smoke, revealing Ashstar poised in front of a microphone. Closing her violet eyes, Ashstar opened her mouth and released a perfect note, matching the previous notes perfectly.

Then, the smoke swept away to reveal Indigo. There was a dramatic pause as the note continued on, then Indigo twirled a drumstick and pointed towards the sky. With a loud crash, she struck the cymbal. Within moments, the pure note had harshened almost unbelievably. Indigo struck again, then began a fast drumbeat that left everyone watching stunned. Within moments the harmony that had been created had been disjointed into a fast, heavy-metal type collection of sounds. The two bassists played amazing riffs that blended so well with eachother they sounded like one, as impossible as that was. Atelli played the chords swiftly and well, her fingers flying over the keyboard. The sound blended so well it was hard to tell it apart from the other instruments. Kagakusha seemed to be fully enjoying herself, playing chords with such focus that her arm flew wildly with each strike. Ashstar seemed to be relishing the chaos around her, then she began to sing as well, her voice again having a mystical quality about it.

Darkness rises all around you
Feel the pain you know inside
Blood that burns, opening wounds to
Start the beginning of the perfect ride

Darkness from above that speaks
Tells me what I need to know
Power within forever seeks
What I now

Ashstar's voice became a harsh scream, joining with the responding music of her fellow band-members.


So you think you know what's lies
There's no such thing as dark cold eyes
Souls exist, conscience gains
Continuing onwards, temporary pains
There must be something more
Written within ancient lore
Death must have meaning, death must have purpose
Pain must be truthful, voluntarily nothing'll hurt us

Lies and turth all blend together and again
For all you remain are small....

Again her voice abruptly became a scream, startling all who were watching.


Watch me bleed, watch me burn...

Her fellow bandmembers, particularly Atelli with her strong voice, echoed her.

Watch her bleed, watch her burn...

Ashstar smiled in a way that was almost frightening.

In a few years, it'll be your turn...

Again they echoed her.

In a few years, it'll be your turn...

Ashstar's voice still had an addictive ring to it, although the lyrics she was singing were anything then encouraging. Those listening couldn't help but be drawn into it.

So mock me, laugh at me, rip at my scars
I see you, I know you, don't think you can hide
The reach of death is far more then far
And everyone knows that you've lied
So watch me bleed, watch me burn
In a few years, it'll be your turn...

Ashstar backed away, her hands still wrapped around the stand. Atelli then began to sing, her voice clear and strong. She kept her eyes down on the keyboard while she sang.

Think that you know me, assume all you know
Darkness within you always will grow

As soon as she finished, she stopped playing. Then Kagakusha began to sing. Her voice was strange. For the first line, her voice had a harsh, angry quality, while the second had a almost beautifully soft sound to it.

I'll cause you pain, see you hurt, watch you pay for your lies
Although everyone of us has something to hide...

As she finished, her last notes on her electric guitar faded away. Indigo continued onwards, her voice slightly vibrating due to the drumming she continued to do.

Everyone of us has a demon within
Following us through all of our kin...

Another cymbal crash and then she stopped. The two bassists finally landed from the air they had been hovering in the entire song and stood together. Only Michelle sang, and her voice was frightening. She took on Gabriella's part as well, as it seemed the green-haired creature refused to speak at all.

Should be afraid for your lives, but you do not live in fear
So you say, when you die, you join those you hold dear
We are the poison, that runs clear and true
Crystal so clear, it cuts through and through...

And the one note they had started on ended the song. There was a surprised silence after the song. No one knew exactly how to react. Except for a few. A group near the front lept to their feet and began to cheer wildly. Soon, the rest of the huge concert hall joined in, shouting their approval. Ashstar approached the microphone, her voice back to normal.

"That was Requiem for the Modern Age. Thank you."

Those of Hikaru no Ashita had no idea what to think.

"I...I didn't like that..." Dowasure seemed terrified. Apparently the words had deeply affected him. Zarla put a arm around his shoulders comfortingly.

"It's just a song, don't worry."

"They're more down-beat then us." Soshi stared at the screen critically. "Certainly more morbid. I can see what crowd they're going for. But do they really expect to go far with such strange people in it? I mean, if you can even consider some of them people."

Mr. Kantoku nodded, glad that Soshi had shaken him out of his stupor. "You're absolutely right. Although she may claim that looks aren't important, they are. She won't get far if that band looks like that."


Cyrus was storming about the small area where the band members spent most of their time, throwing anything he could get his hands on and shouting non-stop.

"#^#$^in' ^#%#@, god I hate her so much...#%@# her an' her #$^#in' freak-#$% band with their $^#$in' depressin' music and #^#^in' freaks of #$^$#in' nature! #^%@ it! $^$^ HER!"

There was the sound of glass shattering as he threw something with a furious shout at the wall. He turned to the only person who seemed to be listening to him.

"Y'know she did this jus' t'$^#% me up when everythin' 's jus' beginnin' t'work! Y'know her, don't you? Y'know about her!"

Dowasure shrugged. "We used to work together, but I don't know much about her. I don't know why she would be doing this."

Cyrus angrily ripped the piece of paper he had in his hands to shreds, throwing the fragments at Dowasure. "I'll tell you #%#%in' why! She's doin' this t'ruin m'life, like she always does! She's #^#$^in' with us!"

"I don't understand why you're reacting so badly to just one member." Dowasure pointed out. "After all, they're all our competition, aren't they?"

Cyrus said nothing, only fuming underneath his breath, continuing his stream of curses. Teishi had been typing quietly at the computer, but he looked up now.

"Come look."

The quiet tone in his voice was enough to make the two head towards the monitor. Teishi pointed at it silently.

"Welcome to the Official Crystal Poison Fanpage!"

The letters were written in some strange font that made each of them feel uncomfortable. Underneath the words was a single picture of the webmaster, a guy with short, black hair, red eyes, and scars down his arms. He was giving those viewing the page a glare of utter hatred.

"That's a change of mood." Dowasure didn't seem to like the site at all.

"Look." Teishi entered and pointed at it. "It's like ours only...inverted."

It was true. Everything seemed to be the other way around. Links were on the opposite side of the page and even in the opposite section. The links themselves were organized to almost a direct opposite of the ones on their fanpage. The guy who had appeared on the front was apparently the webmaster.

"Damien." There was no other introduction for him then that, a simple name underneath the picture.

The three looked around. So far, the page seemed to exhort the "difference" between Hikaru no Ashita and Crystal Poison and believed that not only did the all-female band have a more important message to give, they were better in almost all aspects.

"Look, they have the same sections we do. Ashstar, Indigo, Atelli, Michelle, Gabriella, and Kagakusha."

Cyrus muttered darkly under his breath, seized the mouse, and clicked on the woman's link. A swift picture of Kagakusha appeared, along with some information. He scanned it quickly, then swore underneath his breath.

"$^#^ #%%#in' #^#%@..."

"What? What's wrong?"

Cyrus walked away, not willing to see anymore. The others watched him leave, concerned. Just before he exited the room, he called behind him.

"I want t'be alone for a while. Don't come lookin' for me."

The two nodded silently and Cyrus disappeared.

"That's peculiar." Dowasure adjusted his glasses. He looked at the profile.

"...Kagakusha seems to have a unique quality about her, which are the random mood swings that make her voice so beautiful. She by far excels the playing of the demon from Hikaru no Ashita, who's name evades me now and I don't care to chase after it. She has a mysterious past and does not speak much..."

He frowned. "That's not very nice."

"It's not a nice band and it's not a nice site, sir." Teishi clicked around distractedly. "They do have lots of information, though, just like we do."

"Look at the links." Dowasure was curious about something. Sure enough, they were divided into four sections. Information, Shrines, Other, Anti-HnA.

"Well, that's discouraging." Dowasure sniffed slightly. "I never thought anyone would ever HATE us."

"They most likely do not hate us personally, sir." Teishi clicked on Shrines. Every band member had at least ten. "They hate us because we oppose their own band."

Dowasure sighed. "I suppose. Still, it makes me sad..."


Cyrus walked into the room where Dowasure and Teishi were napping, looking worn, tired, and sad.

"Got a song." He managed to cough. The others looked at him in surprise.

"Are you okay?"

Cyrus held up a hand to try and show he was. "'M fine, 'm fine. Jus'...tired, 's all."

"You wrote a song, sir?" Teishi noted the ink-stained and crumpled sheets that Cyrus was holding. "What's it about?"

Cyrus looked hurt, something incredibly strange to them, for a few moments, but recovered quickly. "You'll find out. I want t'sing it, tho'."

The two moved over, allowing Cyrus some room on the couch. He sank down gratefully, flipping the papers carelessly on the table.

"You want to sing?" Dowasure sounded surprised. "I didn't think you like to sing, considering your accent and all..."

"I know." Cyrus leaned back and put his hands in his hair. "But...I think I should be th' one t'sing this one. I don't think y'two could...handle it."

Teishi and Dowasure didn't know what he meant by that, but they decided that apparently writing the song had taken a lot out of him and they shouldn't ask questions.

"You're going to have to okay it with Mr. Kantoku, sir."

"Right, right..." Cyrus closed his eyes. "Look, I'll take care of it, 'kay? Jus' let me rest for a little while."

The two left the couch, allowing Cyrus to lean over and fall asleep. Studying him carefully, they picked up the sheets that Cyrus had put on the table and moved to a different room, shutting the door behind them.

"If he's going to sing, what are you going to do, sir?" Teishi asked Dowasure sincerely. Dr. Dowasure blushed slightly.

"Well...I can...I can play a little piano, but not enough to do anything..."

"Okay..." Teishi looked through the notes quickly. "Apparently he thinks he's going to sing AND play the guitar here. So that means I'm still on the drums then."

Dowasure gently took the sheets from Teishi. "What's this song about, anyway?" The writing on the sheets was scrawled and uneven, a sure sign of Cyrus' handwriting. The directions for when he made mistakes were non-sensical to them, and the actual music followed a pattern that neither of them could understand. "I can't even read the words..." Dowasure sighed. "This goes far beyond even MY handwriting in illegibility."

Teishi studied the sheets. "Well, we're just going to have to wait and see what it's about, sir."


"Are you SURE you want to do this?"

The question came from Soshi, who was in the recording studio with Cyrus as he leaned back. He had situated himself in a corner, dragging the microphone and his guitar along with him. He turned towards her and nodded slowly.

"Yeah, 'm sure. I want t'do this. I got t'get this out somehow."

She nodded with concern, but didn't leave the room.

Mr. Kantoku thought that having Cyrus sing wasn't the wisest thing on earth, but then again, refusing Cyrus after he seemed so badly to want to do this wasn't very smart either. He decided he would do it, see what it was, then perhaps add it to a new CD as a bonus track.

Soshi, however, could read Cyrus' handwriting. She knew what the song was about. She didn't want him to do it.

"This could be really painful..."

Cyrus smiled grimly to himself, tuning his guitar idly. "I know. But 's painful anyways, so what th' #%#%."