It seemed like numerous crises were happening at once, he seemed so stressed. There always seemed to be something happening that also required his attention. He pushed the three together where they had been before and began giving instructions as he had before.

"Angel one, with the black hair, you'll be on the left. Angel two, the blond one, lay down in the front, yes, like that, let those wings spread out around you. Perfect! Okay, demon, sit off to one side. You're the demon, remember? Try and look evil...oh! Very good, very good indeed, keep it like that. Angel one, move in behind Angel two and get those wings flaring. Like that, yes! Very good!"

The photographer seemed to pause for a moment, as if thinking.

"Sir, we have a problem!" A stage-hand ran up to the photographer, but the photographer shooed him away.

"I'm trying to think! Shoo! Hmm..." the photographer looked at the three again. "Demon, move in behind Angel two, sit with one leg propped up, the other one out. Like that, good! Good! Let's see, let's get that tail where we can see, I think that's too obvious." Cyrus was swinging the tail in his hand. "Drape it around your legs...right, right, good! Okay, Angel one, you lean against him and flare out your wings. Demon, extend one wing, keep the other one folded. Good, good! Like that! Very good! Angel one, keep that halo straight! It's nearly falling off! That's better. How is it going, Angel two? Good, good, stay like that. Demon, keep that chin up. Angel one, sit up straight and move the ponytail to the shoulder again. Like that, good! Angel two, smile, keep those wings limp. Very nice, very nice...hold it, hold it...There!"

There were another several flashes.

"Very nice."

Mr. Kantoku was on the set. "I kind of like the demon-angel look. Can we do some more of those?"

"If you want, Mr. Kantoku, of course we can!"

"Cool, I like this costume!" Cyrus stood up, letting the wings spread again. He loved how this felt.

"I like mine too." Dowasure smiled, fighting to keep the halo in place.

"It is one of the better ones, sir." Teishi said quietly.

" can we get another good shot at this...I know! Demon, go off to that side, yes, over there, and do what you were just doing. The flared wing, satisfied look. Yes, that! Keep it like that. Angel two, move to the middle, turn to one side and look up, as if at something. Perfect! Keep that melancholy look. Angel one, come down here to the right and smile. Good, good, now give a peace sign. Great, great! Keep those chins up, must I always remind you? Straight back, angel two. Keep it, keep it...there!"

Another collection of flashes.

"Hmm...let's try another position. Demon, get in front and lay down, directly facing the camera. Keep the tail visible....good, good. Keep those wings slack. Angel's one and two, go behind him and lean on eachother, spread the wings out, and smile! Demon, have a smirk smile, not a real smile. There! Perfect! Okay, everyone hold it...hold it...there!"

More flashes came.

"First time he didn't mention the chin thing." Dowasure smiled to himself. He stood and got a drink of water, where the other two joined him. The photographer had apparently engaged himself in another disaster, so they were free for a few seconds. They each got some water and Cyrus leaned against the cooler, putting a hand in his pocket.

"I never thought taking pictures could be so much work." Dowasure laughed brightly. Teishi stared at him, both hands wrapped around his cup. Cyrus gave him an odd look.


A sudden bombardment of flashes caused the three to start in alarm. They turned to find the photographer smiling in triumph.

"That'll be a great shot!"

"Tell us th' next time you do stuff like that, okay?" Cyrus hated the fact he had been startled and turned away. Teishi continued drinking his water.

"I think that's enough for today, guys." Mr. Kantoku smiled, taking his own cup of water next to them. "How's this suiting you?"

"Well, the commands are annoying-"

"An' all th' @#$%in' flashes hurt my eyes-"

"And there are always people running around-"

"And the poses are hard to hold-"

"But these costumes are great!" Cyrus smiled, something rare for him. Mr. Kantoku smiled with him.

"I'm sure these pictures will make a great CD insert and such. Thanks for being so good about this." Mr. Kantoku made sure the photographer was looking somewhere else. "To tell the truth, Denka is kind of picky about his pictures, but he's otherwise very good. When you see them, you'll see what I mean."

"Could you do me a favor though?"

"Sure, Dowasure. What is it?"

"Please get me my glasses. Teishi just told me I've been talking to the water cooler this entire time."


"This does look rather good." Dowasure laid out the pictures that had been chosen. "I hardly look like myself sometimes!"

"Yeah, I actually look good." Cyrus laughed to himself.

Teishi was staring at the pictures intently, as if checking for something. Eventually he sighed in relief. "I like them too, sir."

"What do you think should be the cover?"

Cyrus immediately chose one of the pictures. "I think this one's good. I mean, even tho' th' guy scared th' @%@$ out of me when he took it."

It was the picture of Cyrus, Dowasure, and Teishi against the water-cooler, looking all the world like normal people except for the demonic and angelic features around them. Mr. Kantoku studied it carefully.

"Yes, this could be interpreted as very meaningful. And it's almost lighthearted, yes, this could work fine."

"I don't know..." Dowasure smiled. "I look kind of odd, I think."

"If anyone looks weird, it's me. I've got this @#$%in' weird expression on my face."

"Let's see, that's a good cover...what about the back?"

Teishi slid forward the picture of Cyrus in the back, him in the middle, and Dowasure in the front. "I like this one, sir."

Mr. Kantoku was glad that Teishi was speaking his mind about something. "Yes, this does seem like a good back-cover. Any disagreements?" The other two were silent, much to his relief. He didn't want Teishi to be shot down just after he finally expressed his opinion. "We can use the other pictures as illustrations on the inside of the lyric booklet."

"Sounds good to me."

"So this means it done? Th' whole CD is done?"

"Not quite...we still have to make the whole booklet and produce the CD's and such. But other then that, you're done."

"What if it's not successful?"

"It will be." Mr. Kantoku smiled. "Don't worry about it. You guys just rest for a while. I'll take care of it from here."


It's rise was gradual at first, then ascended astronomically. Their first single, which was "Light of Tomorrow", the first song they had performed together, rose on the charts steadily until it was number one, and soon other songs followed. The CD rocketed in sales, catapulting the three into instant fame. So far, the only thing they had available was their CD, but that was enough. Their fans were growing steadily, and soon demanded to see them live. This was not ignored by Mr. Kantoku, who approached the three was they were, as usual, sleeping or talking in the lounge. As it was, Teishi was sleeping and Dowasure and Cyrus were almost arguing about something. It wasn't a true argument as Dowasure was not fighting back.

"Hey guys, I've got some news for you."

The three looked at him, Teishi blinking away sleep.

"We're going to do a concert."

"A concert?" The three said at the same time. Mr. Kantoku nodded.

"They're dying to see you guys live! This would be a great chance to gain some publicity for you."

"Well, sure I guess." Dowasure smiled. "I'd still need the music in front of me. That would still be there, right?"

Mr. Kantoku hadn't taken into consideration Dowasure's poor memory. "Sure, we'll find a way. No problem."

"'M glad we have fans." Cyrus smiled to himself. "I was worried that no one would like how we looked."

"Don't worry about that." Mr. Kantoku smiled. "They like how you look more then you expect."


"Gah! I'm so nervous!" Dowasure hopped from one foot to the other, unable to control his emotions. He was dressed in the angel costume as before, which made this behaviour look incredibly strange. "There are so many people out there! I won't be able to remember anything!"

"Don't worry, they'll have cue cards or something." Cyrus looked out at the crowd that was milling wildly in front of the stage. A majority of them had signs that said their names, such as "Cyrus 4ever" or "I (heart) u 4ever Dowasure!" or "Teishi, be mine!" and such on it. He marveled at the sight. He never could have imagined so many people would be here to see him.

Teishi didn't seem nervous at all, although he kept his hands near his chest, as he always did.

The crowd began to chant impatiently. "Hikaru no ashita! Hikaru no ashita! Hikaru no ashita!"

"Should we go out? What song are we doing?" Dowasure looked around nervously, adjusting his glasses. "Oh, I can't do this!"

Cyrus noticed that Dowasure was shaking. He shrugged, trying to instill some confidence in him.

"Look, if it'll make you happy, I'll go first, okay?" He touched the switch that let his wings spread around him. "An' I think we're doin' "Star of Confusion" first. Not sure, tho'."

Mr. Kantoku rushed up to them, holding the papers in his hand.

"Okay, guys, here's the big moment. Don't be nervous or anything." He noticed Dowasure wildly trembling and coughed. "Um...the lyrics will be on hidden cue-cards. Don't worry, no one will be able to tell."

"When are we goin' on?"

"Now. You're first, Cyrus. Good luck!"

"And here's what you've all been waiting for!" A voice over the stadium spoke. The crowd's cheering grew to a fever pitch as the three stared at eachother. "The three who have made their way on the charts and into your hearts! The three who make up the band...Hikaru no Ashita!"

The crowd screamed the band's name hysterically. After it had toned down slightly, the voice continued.

"First to appear, we have the demon of the trio." The crowd instantly knew who it was and certain fans screamed and fainted respectively. "He's wild, he's reckless, and he doesn't care what anyone thinks! He's 6'4, lean, mean, and has eyes that can make you pass out in your chair! Please welcome...CYRUS!"

Cyrus, taking that as his cue, moved forward, letting the wings flow behind him. The lights shining on him blinded him momentarily, but he continued to move forward. The crowd seemed to go wild, those who had signs with his name screaming the loudest. He walked over to where he saw his guitar draped around the microphone stand, pulled it on himself, then on impulse played a few wild chords. The crowd cheered madly and he found himself exhilarated beyond belief. This was a rush!

"Second in our beloved trio, we have one of the sweetest angels." This time it was not so obvious, although some people began cheering wildly anyway. "He's innocent, young, and more polite then most people, from his bright green eyes to his blond hair, he's the one you just love to love!" Now there was more screaming, more reminiscient to when Cyrus had appeared, as the fans realized who the voice was speaking of. "Please welcome, Teishi!"

The short blond boy walked slowly on the stage, seeming, as usual, incredibly passive. The way he moved made him seem almost as if he was truly flying on the white wings on his back. The fans that had been carrying the signs with his name began screaming louder as the crowd went crazy. Teishi blushed, causing even more screaming, and he took his seat near his drums. Instead of playing them, however, he leaned near the microphone near them and spoke. "Thank you very much, everyone."

There were more screams and some cries of "Aww!" from the crowd. Cyrus looked near the backstage, wondering whether Dowasure would have the courage to come out and join them. The voice continued to speak.

"And lastly, we have our other angel." Since it was obvious who was left, the screaming intensified. "Although he may wear glasses, he's no sight for sore eyes! His big brown eyes and long hair seem to speak worlds of innocence! His voice matches who he is, an angel! Please welcome...Dowasure!"

Again, the crowd screamed madly. Dowasure did not appear from behind stage, and both Teishi and Cyrus were worried. Both of them silently urged Dowasure to come out.

The announcer apparently guessed at it. "Oh, is our last angel a little shy? Come on, everyone, help him out!"

Instantly the crowd began to chant his name. Louder and louder. Hoping that it would help Dowasure come out on stage, both Cyrus and Teishi began chanting as well.

Dowasure peeked out from off-stage, amid wild cries of his name and "How cute!". He finally edged his way on stage, still trembling violently. It was easily visible, although all it did was cause more screams of "how cute!". He walked towards his microphone, his halo slightly off, blushing wildly. He coughed gently.

"Hello." He spoke into the microphone. He was greeted with instant applause. He smiled bravely.

Cyrus could see his fear and, in an effort to calm him down, put a hand on his shoulder.

"We're here too, don't worry. Yer not alone. We can do this."

There were more wild screams at this, for reasons none of them quite understood, and then Cyrus retreated back to his own place.

"Um..." Dowasure tried to remember anything, but found the stress was overwhelming.

"The first song we shall be performing is 'Star of Confusion'. I hope you like it, everyone." Teishi spoke into his microphone to the overwhelming cheers from his fans. Dowasure sighed in relief at the pressure that had been taken off him.

Cyrus looked near the front of the stage and realized what he had mistaken as a mere lump from the front was actually hollow. It was directly in sight of Dowasure, and there was Mr. Kantoku, holding the cue-cards steady. Cyrus smiled in relief.

Dowasure coughed again, trying to gain his composure. Cyrus tossed his pick in the air and caught it deftly, causing much more wild shrieking from the crowd. It helped take some of the pressure away from Dowasure, who was trying desperatly to control his nervousness.

Knowing that Dowasure would join when he felt ready, Cyrus began to play the first chords of the song, letting Teishi join in slowly. Cyrus had memorized the music the first chance he got, as he had reasoned that if he knew the music better, he would have a better idea of how to make solos and such for it.

Teishi knew what he was doing instantly and went along with it. As soon as they began playing, the crowd began cheering.

Knowing that Dowasure wasn't ready yet, Cyrus played a blistering solo on his guitar, trying to give Dowasure some time. Teishi followed him every step of the way with his drums, moving along with the music happily. At the end of his solo there was more clapping, and he turned to Dowasure.

Dowasure smiled at him, then turned to the microphone, keeping his eyes downward on the cue-cards. Knowing that Dowasure was ready, Cyrus went back to the normal chords of the song. Sensing that he was about to sing, the crowd went, almost miraculously, quiet.

It's been...a very long time...

Although he was still shaking slightly, his voice was still strong and pure. As there were a few pauses between his words, the crowd filled these with cheers and cries of support. Dowasure smiled, regaining his confidence.

Since you started, alone, on this journey...

Cyrus kept his urges under control. "Star of Confusion" was one of their few songs that started slowly, so he had to stop from playing wildly until the first verse was over. It was hard for him to control what he wanted to do, under the pressure of being on stage. He caught sight of his wings nearby and smiled to himself.

You claimed it was one direction, a one way sign...

The cheering was intensifying as the song went along and Cyrus could catch some of those in the audience singing along.

But the road twists, unexpectedly...

It felt like it had taken forever, but finally Cyrus could hit the chords he wanted. As soon as he could, he did so with tremendous energy. Teishi was almost as energetic...he seemed to be just as restless as he was. Dowasure's wings flared dramatically as soon as the song picked up, causing the crowd to scream enthusiastically.

You claimed your way was lead by a star
You claimed you knew the road
But the light is twisted, dark, and far
What was once warm is cold

Cyrus was relieved to find Dowasure was getting into the song as he usually did, smiling and singing with all his power. The audience was screaming wildly as soon as the fast part kicked in, and someone in the audience began clapping along, sending the entire crowd going along with the rhythm.

When you're by yourself, you have but one guide
When you travel alone, there's only one person you're losing
Yet you keep yourself going, trying with all your might
To avoid the star of confusion
It's hopeless, it's bitter, it's hard, and it's long
But you have to escape the star of confusion
It's terrible, it's lonely, it's hostile, and it's dark
But you can't be caught by the star of confusion

There was something you needed to find, you said
Something that needed you, right away
So you told me that you knew the road ahead
You told me you knew the right of way

I trusted you to find what you needed
I let you leave, despite all my fears
I begged and I prayed and I even pleaded
I sealed my wishes with my own tears

I said "Don't let the star of confusion
Find you and steer you to the wrong way
Please don't let the star of confusion
Forever come and take you away!"

When you're by yourself, you have but one guide
When you travel alone, there's only one person you're losing
Yet you keep yourself going, trying with all your might
To avoid the star of confusion
It's hopeless, it's bitter, it's hard, and it's long
But you have to escape the star of confusion
It's terrible, it's lonely, it's hostile, and it's dark
But you can't be caught by the star of confusion

I watched as you fell from the path that you knew

Cyrus noticed something out of the corner of his eye, although he was trying hard to keep up with the song. Some people were so close to the stage, it seemed sometimes like they were almost on it. One blue-haired girl seemed way too close. However, there was nothing that Cyrus could do, as focused as he was on his playing. He noticed Dowasure was totally into what he was doing and not paying attention at all.

You fell into darkness, grief and pain...

Cyrus was sure of it now, the girl was far too close. He looked at Teishi, who seemed to be looking at the girl as well. However, neither of them could do anything. Cyrus turned towards the stage, noticing that there were some people gathering back there.

The star of confusion had found you, my only clue

The girl was standing on the stage!

Was that I would never find you again


Dowasure was cut off as the girl tackled him, knocking him over. "Dowasure!" Both Cyrus and Teishi cried in alarm. The girl was hugging Dowasure furiously, who looked absolutely terrified. He looked around confused. No doubt he had tuned the fact that he was in a humongous stadium out of his mind so he could focus, but now it came back in full. He was shaking uncontrollably.

Cyrus quickly shifted his guitar to his back, dashing to Dowasure's side. Cyrus was, by nature, easy to anger, and the fact that this girl had ruined his song had really bothered him. He grabbed Dowasure's wrist, trying to pull him upwards. The girl refused to let go, making it difficult to raise Dowasure to his feet. Dowasure wasn't helping, as he seemed frozen in fear.

Irritably, Cyrus began to kick the girl in the ribs, hoping to dislodge her. It didn't work quite as well as he had hoped, as the girl simply moved to his leg. Dowasure was free, however, and he stood shakily.

"Get off!" Cyrus shook his leg angrily. If that wasn't enough, a red-haired girl rushed him from the audience and hugged him from behind. He made an incomprehensible noise, almost like a obscenity mixed in with a gasp of surprise.

Cyrus did not like being touched at all. Taps, accidental brushes, or touches on the wrists or hands were enough to get him angry. This was far too much. When he raised his eyes, he found that his fellow band-members were suffering similarly, Teishi seeming the most calm out of them all. Desperate to get away from all these people touching him, Cyrus tried to extend his wings, but they were blocked.

It seemed like forever to the exhausted trio until some guards came from behind the stage. They were strong enough to almost throw the girls off back into the crowd, but they were soon replaced. The three had no choice but to retreat backstage. As they did so, the sounds of the crowd simply grew in intensity as apparently a riot was starting.

Cyrus looked at himself. "$^#@! Those #^#@# got my ponytail!" He pointed to where the simple band had once held some of his hair.

"They got mine as well." Teishi's hair didn't look quite as odd as Cyrus' did out of it's band.

"You got off pretty good, I think." The two turned to Dowasure, who still had both his ponytail and his glasses. He remained frozen where he was, staring directly into space.

"Great...I think he's been scared silly." Cyrus waved a hand in front of him. "Yeah, he's gone."

"These halos are more secure then I thought." Teishi adjusted his own. "They stayed where they were."

Cyrus touched his own horns, finding they were still where he had put them. He sighed in relief. Then he noticed something else.

"My vest!"

The edges of the black vest that Cyrus had been wearing was torn, as were his jeans. "I mean, I don't mind th' jeans, but my vest? #^#$..."

"We should be thankful we got off this well." Teishi glanced in the direction of the rampaging crowd. "Considering the state they're in, they could have done much worse." He tried to adjust his hair, which, now freed from his ponytail, was flaring about his head. Cyrus self-consciously touched where his own hair was free, feeling incredibly awkward.

"I'm terribly sorry about this, guys..." Mr. Kantoku rushed forward. He noticed the shivering, catatonic Dowasure and waved a hand in front of his eyes. He panicked as he noticed there was no response. "Is he okay?"

"Th' crowd just freaked him out. He should be fine." Cyrus shrugged. "Are we gettin' out of here or what?"

"I'm sorry again." Mr. Kantoku looked at them all with regret. "It never should have gotten this far out of control."

Cyrus fingered a hole in vest. "Well...that was certainly one of th' more interestin' thin's I've done lately."


As the three were walking towards their car, accompanied by several guards, two girls were waiting for him. Dowasure was still kind of out of it and did not know they were there, but Cyrus and Teishi kept their distance. The two girls walked forward.

"Hi! We're sorry about before-"

"It was just we kind of lost it in the heat of the moment-"

"But we just want to say-"

"We're your biggest fans!"

"Really, we are. We're the owners of the official Hikaru no Ashita homepage, you know?"

"Have you been there? Oh, could you imagine how cool it would have been if they had been there?" The red-haired girl bounced up and down. The blue-haired girl seemed to be barely in control of her emotions.

"Anyway, we just want to know-"

"Could we help you out?"

"I mean, with advertising and stuff like that-"





"We already have a manager that does that for us." Teishi looked at them one at a time. "Thank you for your concern anyway, misses."

They almost seemed to crumple under this, but they recovered quickly. "Your manager doesn't know what girls like us want!"

"We know exactly what you can make to get you way past where you are now!"

"Make you even richer, or something."

"We know just how to make you reach the very top!"

"Your manager doesn't know what girls today want-"

"But we do! Please, let us help you!"

Cyrus was about to refuse when the red-haired girl noticed another girl sneaking up behind her. She stared at her for a moment, noticing the girl's eyes were locked on Cyrus. She twitched momentarily.

"Were you looking at MY Cyrus?" She fairly screamed at the new girl, who backed away slightly. "If you were, I'll rip out your spine and beat you to death with it!"

That was enough to set the girl running. Cyrus watched blankly. HER Cyrus? "Ha! Amateur."

"See, we can protect you against your raving fans." The blue-haired girl turned back to them. "We're the best fans you could ever want. We can help you."

"What are your names?" Teishi asked. Cyrus still couldn't get over the fact someone had said "MY Cyrus". It had fairly stunned him.

"My name is Soshika." The Red-haired girl replied proudly. The blue-haired girl smiled.


"Can't we please help you?"


"Pretty please?"

Teishi, realizing that Cyrus had been put into a state of shock close to that of Dowasure, had to take the reins himself. "If you would give me your phone numbers-"

Instantly two slips of paper were in his hand. He stared at them blankly for a few moments.

"I'll ask Mr. Kantoku and call you. Thank you again for your support, misses."

The two girls ran away giggling hysterically. Teishi watched them go, then shook his head.

"This is getting to be more then I expected..."


"Didn't the experience at the concert teach you anything?" Mr. Kantoku sighed. The two girls who were the topic of the disagreement were sitting on a seperate couch then the band members. Dowasure had recovered soon after he had been taken back to the recording studio and didn't seem to remember what happened. "Having fans close to you can be dangerous."

Zarla and Soshika remained silent, not sure of whether adding some comments would simply worsen the discussion. Teishi shrugged.

"I don't know, sir. They aren't doing anything to us at the moment."

"First..." Mr. Kantoku tapped the table in front of him. "If they're obsessed with you, as I know they are, how can you trust them to be around you without going out of control? Second, if the public finds out that we have chosen two girls out of all the others, then that will lower your desirability."

"We can keep them in back. They can be our bodyguards, can't you? We don't have to announce it." Dowasure looked at the two girls, who were looking innocent.

"What about the other problem?"

Zarla finally spoke up. "We can control ourselves, I know we can. If you let us help you, we'll do anything you want! We swear."

Soshika smiled. "You can trust us."

Mr. Kantoku sighed. "You could be useful...but you can't tell anyone that your connected to us. You have to be the secret factor in the background-"

Zarla giggled to herself. "Fans in Black!"

Shaking his head, Mr. Kantoku stood. "Exactly. You have to stay secret, or else it could hurt our popularity. Anyway, I have to go deal with something. Can you guys handle being alone for a while?"

"So we're keeping them, sir?"

Mr. Kantoku sighed again as he walked away. "Fine, I suppose. For now."

Zarla and Soshika jumped about excitedly. "Yay! We're offically Hikaru no Ashita bodyguards! Can you believe it!?"

"I hope he isn't angry with us." Teishi stared at his receding manager. "He usually isn't that sad."

"Eh, he'll get over it." Cyrus waved a hand airily.

"This is so cool!" Soshika bounced up and down. She looked at Cyrus. "You can call me Soshi, if you want!"

Zarla shrugged. "You can call me Zar, although most don't."

"So let's can we help you..."

"I know!" Soshi grabbed a nearby piece of paper and began scribbling. "I know everyone would love to have one of these!"

"One of what?" Dowasure looked over at the paper curiously. Soshi held it up so the others could see. On the paper were quick sketches of dolls of the three members.

"Can you imagine? This would go over so well, to have a small version of Cyrus to hug and stuff! It would sell like wildfire!"

"I would buy one! In fact, I'd buy all three!" Zarla looked at the paper herself, adding a few things here and there. "They're so cute!"

"This would also be a good way to see how the public responds to merchandise! We should tell your manager."

"Hmm...maybe y'should wait a bit." Cyrus stared at where Mr. Kantoku had left. "He prolly ain't feelin' all too receptive towards y'two yet."


Teishi sat at the computer, typing with incredible speed. The other band members hung about his chair, staring in amazement.

"#$^#, how'd y'learn t'type so fast?"

"It's easy once you know the keys, sir." Teishi never took his emerald eyes of the screen. "I use the computer all the time, it helps when I have to do things."

"So what are we looking for?" Dowasure wiped off the front of his glasses with his shirt sleeve.

The dolls had been a huge success, thus getting the two fan-girls into favor with their manager. Mr. Kantoku had yet to actually become fond of them in anyway, but he was tolerant towards their antics and ideas. The two in question were with Mr. Kantoku, discussing their latest idea. So the three were again in the lobby. Since Zarla and Soshi spent most of their time with them, Zarla had insisted the get a computer with a modem installed. Soshi seconded it.

So the computer had came and had sat in the corner for a few days. The three were slightly reluctant to touch it, fearful that the girls may become angry with them, but finally Teishi's curiousity was piqued and he began to look around.

This had gotten the attention of the others and had led to where they were at the moment.

"I don't know, sir." Teishi could not shake his habit of "sir", not even with his fellow band-members. "Didn't they mention they had a website of some kind?"

"That's right." Cyrus snapped his fingers. "A website to us, in fact."

"Why don't we look?" Teishi moved his hands smoothly to the mouse, clicking rapidly. Soon a browser window was open and in a few moments Teishi was already searching the web. "Let's try 'Hikaru no Ashita' first."

A list of matches appeared. At the top of the list were the words "Over 100 matches found, try a more specific phrase."

The three stared at it. "Woah."

"There's 'The Official Hikaru no Ashita' homepage." Dowasure pointed to the first on the list. "Let's try that."

Teishi clicked on it.

What greeted them as the opening picture were drawings of both Soshi and Zarla, each represented by respectively by an anthropomorphic cat and fox. Zarla had a Dowasure doll, while Soshi had a Cyrus one. The two were smiling and above them were the words "Welcome to the Official Hikaru no Ashita Fanpage!"

Clicking about the site, they found three sections dedicated to each member, pictures that the two (and others who had frequented the site) had done, fan clubs, and a very long list of links, seperated into the sections of general information, shrines, and other. Studying their own information, they found that the very sparse information that was available was very accurate. They also found it odd that the information that the page did have was never released by them to the public.

"@#^%, look at that." Cyrus had said while they looked at his profile. "Even know 'bout th' scars I got. How th' @%#@..."


"Never mind."